Dear Brother Released

“Dear Brother” is a very personal statement on mental health that recalls prime Joni Mitchell. This song was inspired by Aspen's brother who struggles with Autism and depression.  Disturbed by her brother's struggles, Aspen wrote this song in the bathroom one night as her roommates slept. She played it at her school's open mic the next day and left the room heavy with emotion.

Last summer she recorded "Dear Brother" in Nashville at OMNISound with Dominic Davis as Producer, Larissa Maestro on cello and Aspen on guitar and vocals.   "I think it is one of the fastest songs I've written where I immediately felt it was complete," Aspen explains. "When I was done, I had a sense of calm. The song is therapeutic, raw and heartfelt." Aspen hopes this song is relatable and comforting for those who have a loved one struggling with autism, depression, or other challenges.