My Story

My music career started in 2014 when I busked for tips on the sidewalk during the Ann Arbor Art Fair with a ukulele, singing pop songs. There I earned enough to purchase my first guitar and started taking lessons. In 2017, a family friend suggested I attend The Wheatland Music Festival where I did an open mic session and was immediately approached by organizers to apply for their scholarship program. 

Through their continuing scholarships, I’ve studied traditional folk and acoustic music with Bruce Ling of Hawks & Owls. I’ve learned flatpicking guitar, mandolin and recently started fiddle lessons. I also play a little slide guitar, bass and piano. My original music fits into many genres including contemporary folk music, folk-pop, alternative country and Americana music. With my band Red Couch from the Michigan Rock School, I’ve also been performing some classic and alternative rock songs, but my real passion is singing/songwriting. 

I released my self-titled debut album, Aspen, in October 2018. My latest album, Love Each Other Right, was released in November 2019. I had two songs that were finalists in prominent songwriting competitions from my latest album. The song “Delicate Butterfly” was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition Teen Category. Additionally, the song "Georgia Boy" was one of five nominees in the Independent Music Awards; Alternative Country Best Song Category. 

I was also awarded a scholarship recently to attend the Singer/Songwriter program at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Located in northern Michigan, the students of this boarding high school come from all over the world to study the arts. I will be a 16-year-old junior in high school this fall and plan to pursue music after graduation from Interlochen at a university or conservatory.



Aspen has been the proud recipient of several music scholarships.