As a young singer and musician, Aspen Jacobsen has a natural gift for engaging her audience and capturing their hearts. Aspen's musical journey is rooted in folk, blues and pop. Her passion for creativity and self-expression has led her to multiple disciplines in the performing arts including music, theatre and dance. 

Aspen's insight and compassion are beyond her 14 years. Aspen aspires to emotionally touch people through her soulful voice. She feels deeply and passionately and finds music a comforting and empowering avenue for self-expression. Aspen has an innate desire to connect with people when performing and whole-heartedly believes that music can heal the world. 

Aspen released her first EP in October 201818 and contributed two tracks to the Michigan Christmas Album in December 2018. She is currently working her album, Love Each Other Right, to be released in November 2019. 



    Aspen has been the proud recipient of several music scholarships.